Home-based therapy enables an individualised and context specific approach to rehabilitation where-by therapy is targeted to your needs within your home and community

Why Home Visits? 

No need to travel to therapy or sit in waiting rooms 

Receive therapy in the comfort of your own home

Therapy is designed to enable you to be more functional and independent within your home 

Exercises can be modified to what you have available 

Comprehensive Assessment

Through a client-centred approach, I will get to know you by taking a detailed history as well as guiding you through a goal setting process. We will then create an individualised treatment plan aimed at achieving your most meaningful goals


Neurological Rehabilitation

Spinal Cord Injuries
Parkinson's Disease 
Traumatic Brain Injuries 
Brain Tumours 
Multiple Sclerosis 
Movement Disorders 
Guillain Barre & Demyelinating Polyneuropathies


Home Exercise Programmes

Home exercise programmes are an integral part of rehabilitation post discharge. A tailored programme ensures continuity of care outside of therapy and encourages your active participation in your recovery journey.

Programmes may include:

  • Strengthening, stretching and positioning

  • Participation in functional daily tasks and leisure activities

  • Goal setting worksheets