“I met Samantha when I arrived at rehab. I was semi quadriplegic. I could not walk on my own and I did not have the use of my hands. Sam was my case manager and she was my primary physiotherapist. It was within 6 days of working together with Sam that I was able to walk a few steps. Within weeks of hard work from both Sam and I and Sam's persistence and out of the box thinking that I recovered so well (I was very close to being normal again). In my 9 weeks in hospital, I watched Sam perform her magic on two other patients who went from strength to strength. When I was first introduced to these two patients they were unable to walk. On the day I left rehab, the one patient was walking and the other was walking, with the aid of a walker.
Sam is an exceptional physiotherapist who is not scared to try different things. She always made me feel comfortable in the tasks she wanted me to complete. She made me believe that I could walk again on my own and she pushed me to achieve my goals. If I ever found myself or knew of anyone in a similar situation, the first physiotherapist I would contact would be Samantha. Thank you Sam for getting me back to my new normal”


"I was paraplegic with 20% chance of walking as diagnosed by the specialist but Samantha gave me lots of encouragement, worked tirelessly on me with unparalleled professionalism to get me on my feet walking independently within 4 months. She always goes the extra mile for her clients".


"In 2019 my wife suffered a stroke and ended up in a rehabilitation hospital in Johannesburg where she was treated by a number of therapists including Samantha. Sam was involved in her physiotherapy with the focus on assisting her to learn to walk again. During the time that Sam worked with us I was very impressed with both her knowledge and passion for her profession. I was truly grateful to have someone so competent caring for my wife. She has broad knowledge of her field and a wonderfully empathetic nature to accompany this. It was even noticeable that a number of her peers would consult with her for advice on their patients. I commend Sam on her work and would recommend her services to anyone requiring her care".


" I am a 62 year old male that suffered a brain stem stroke in September 2019. I was admitted to a Rehabilitation Centre where Samantha Macfie took care of me as my Physiotherapist. I had lost the use of the entire right side of my body and was completely immobile.

Samantha is the best. After only 10 days of my stroke I took part in a sports event because of her dedication and motivation towards my recovery and her ability to push you beyond expectation. I even won 2 trophies and a medal due to her dedication. The personal attention given to me by Samantha has helped me immensely during this trying time of my life. I unreservedly recommend her as the best by far. I can now stand and perform tasks that were previously impossible to complete.

She's paid attention to rehabilitating weak points and helped strengthen the muscles that needed work on my body. She's done outstanding work on me and I'll recommend her over and over for this".


I  was admitted to the Morningside Medi Clinic on 11 January 2019 for a major stroke. I was left totally incapacitated and prognosis for a recovery seemed very slim. During my stay in High Care and ICU, rehabilitation was started. On 12 February 2019 I was transferred to the Rosebank Hospital, the neuro rehabilitation unit. It was with much fear, anxiety and pain that I tackled the road to recovery. Samantha was one of the therapist that impressed me the most. Through her hard work, dedication and reassuring nature and my faith in God, I saw myself progressing to the stage that I could sit up and eventually taking my first steps. Sam I am truly grateful for what you have done for me. I am well on my way to leading a normal life.  I highly recommend Samantha, her professionalism and ability to motivate her patients is truly amazing